Rafaels coffee

Artisan coffee roaster of the Macedon Ranges

Artisan coffee roaster of the Macedon Ranges


Many of our single origin coffee beans are sourced from small farms around the world (1-2 ha) so availability of these beans will be limited and change as new stocks become available. It's a case of getting in early!

We roast on Thursday afternoons so please place your order by Thursday morning at the latests to ensure timely delivery.


Our Current Single Origin

Colombia Oliver Berdugo Caturron.PNG

Oliver Berdugo Caturron

Country - Colombia. 

Region - municipality of Acevedo, department of Huila. 

Species - Arabica.

Variety - Caturron.

Flavours: A well rounded coffee in the cup with rich flavours of chocolate and vanilla complemented with hints of lemon, stonefruit and grapefruit.

Process: Beans are harvested to an exacting maturity and then exposed to an aerobic fermentation for 30 hours before being pulped and finally dried to the desired level on raised beds for 20 days.


Our Current Decaf

Fair Trade Organic Peru - Swiss Water

This organic decaf coffee is highly regarded and comes from the Chanchamayo region of the Northern Highlands of Peru.  It is grown employing environmentally friendly practices free of pesticides and fertlisers.  The coffee trees are grown under the shade of the indigenous tree canopies of the region which help produce complex and dense beans. The beans are hand selected and decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method which involves rinsing and washing the beans to remove caffeine rather than using artificial compounds and chemicals.  This is an outstanding coffee that produces a medium bodied yet rich coffee with a hint of tangy acid.

Peru FTO decaf.PNG

Home background image by Juanita Mac Photography. Content photos by Alexis Liersch.