Rafaels coffee

Artisan coffee roaster of the Macedon Ranges

Artisan coffee roaster of the Macedon Ranges

Owner, barista and roaster, Rafael Fabris, developed a passion for coffee whilst working as a viticulturist in central Victoria.  His quest for freshly roasted beans to make a great coffee inspired him to establish a boutique roastery.


We roast weekly on Thursday afternoons so to avoid disappointment, please place your order by Thursday morning at the latest- thank you.

Enjoy the journey
with him.....

A point of difference with our coffee is that we roast strictly to order so our beans will always be fresh.  Coffee must be treated as fresh product for you to enjoy the many flavours it has to offer.  We roast to a medium level to preserve the 850 flavour components, oils and subtle nuances of the beans. 

To keep this coffee journey interesting we periodiclly source beans from different regions and growers from around the world and promote them on our website and Instagram.  We typically rotate single origins about three months depending on availability or when sold out.

We roast Thursday afternoons so pre-orders and freshly roasted beans can either be picked-up or purchased from the Riddells Creek, Woodend and Lancefield Farmers' Markets.  We can also post your coffee order.

The roaster - 10kg Has Garanti

The roaster - 10kg Has Garanti

Raf’s office


We specialise in small batch coffee roasting of sourced beans from all over the world.


We offer a personalised service including single origin coffees, blends and weekly quantity requirements
so please talk to us about your
coffee journey.

Our inspiration is to explore coffees from around the world and share this coffee journey with you. We roast to order and, as you will discover, freshly roasted coffee will take your coffee experience to a new and exciting level. 

To make the most of your coffee experience, remember that it's a fresh product so please take note of the roasting date. Coffee beans peak about 3-5 days after roasting and after about 14 days the coffee's freshness and flavours will start to slowly degrade eventually resulting in a poor crema and lack lustre coffee.  To make the most of your coffee, it should be consumed within 5-6 weeks after roasting and be ground using a burr grinder just before consumption. Beans should be kept in the bag provided at room temperature in a dry and dark place (not in the fridge or freezer). Ground coffee begins deteriorating immediately after grinding.


Home background image by Juanita Mac Photography. Content photos by Alexis Liersch.